Toyota HILUX Mekong Caravan

Date   : February to March 2017
Client : Toyota Motor Asia Pacific(TMAP)

The TOYOTA Caravan Event was held along five countries of the Mekong River Basin (Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos) that ran 11,455.9 km with four TOYOTA new pickup trucks “HILUX Revo” for 45 days from February 1, 2017. During the Caravan, various performance events and test drive events were held in major cities in each country and sent information via Facebook every day. We planned and managed the operation of this event with our local subsidiary in Thailand, Spin Work Co., Ltd. and WPL, a local subsidiary in Vietnam.

「HILUX メコンキャラバン」

制作年月   : 2017.2〜3
クライアント : Toyota Motor Asia Pacific(TMAP)

TOYOTA新型ピックアップトラック「HILUX Revo」4台で11,455.9kmを走破するキャラバン・イベントを実施。
タイ現地子会社であるSpin Work社、ベトナム現地子会社のWPL社とともにイベントを企画、運営。