About “the investment to the American IT company and a business tie-up”

SET INTERNATIONAL CORP. announced that it had subscribed to a third-party allocation of new shares by Chalk Digital, Inc. In line with this subscription, by entering into an agreement to work with Chalk Digital, we are determined to tackle with development of new, data-mining-technology-driven 020 solutions that merges knowhow we have accumulated through coordination works by conveying multiple dimension of information in addition to introducing our clients from analog marketing to digital marketing and automation by utilizing location-based targeting ad delivery platform. We are determined to aim to utilize information for the society and are looking forward to actively work with IT corporations that have technical capabilities such as Chalk … Continue reading “About “the investment to the American IT company and a business tie-up””

Web site updated

Our Web site was updated. So were the sites of all group companies. Please take a look.