As a holding company, Set International is committed to supporting the growth of its operating companies.
Wouldn’t the growth of a business company accompany the growth of the entire group and the new stage?

Job listing Financial/Accounting
Job description Person who is capable in budgeting, bank correspondence, monthly reports, financial results, correspondence with tax accountants.
Analyzing and organizing information precisely for creating plans and proposals in a wide range allows us to achieve results with absolute performance.
We are prepared to respond to any need at all times.
Qualification Person with more than two-year experience in actual business
Work location 2F, SET Tokyo Building
3-7-7 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan
Work hours 10:00~18:00
Payroll Depend on experience and ability
For example: approx. 3 million yen (20s), approx. 4.8 million yen (30s), and approx. 6.1 million yen (40s)
Compensation package Raise in salary once a year/bonus twice (performance bonus by achievement)/various social insurance/commuting allowance (in full)/ asset-building savings/ Employee Stock Ownership Plan/comprehensive medical examination/manipulative treatment/opportunity for watching Grand Sumo Treatment
Holidays and vacation Two days a week (Sat & Sun), holidays, year-endand New Year, summer holiday, special holiday (126 days as of 2016)
Recruitment timing as needed
Documents required Curriculum Vitae (with photo), manuscript of your professional activities
Selection method Documentary elimination, interview
Application method Please apply using the entry form.