“3rd NEDO TSC Foresight Seminar 2018” Overall management and operation of the event

制作年月   : February 2018
Client : New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

The NEDO held an event that gathered domestic and overseas trends in technology, industry, and policy through their surveys and researches. We handled seminars given by the project “Technology Strategy Center” based on the technical strategies on energy, environmental technologies, industrial technologies and its policy making.
The theme for the “3rd NEDO TSC Foresight Seminar 2018” was the trends and challenges related to advanced technologies in three promising new fields: artificial intelligence in food industry, structural materials, and instruments for measurement and analysis. They also invited leading experts from these fields to discuss the latest technology trends and expected technology developments in the future. We also produced the programs, pamphlets and materials used for the lectures and decorations of the venue.

NEDO 平成29年度 TSC Foresightセミナー(第3回)イベント運営業務全般

制作年月   : 2018.2
クライアント : 国立研究開発法人新エネルギー・産業技術総合開発機構(NEDO)

NEDO主催による国内外の技術動向や産業動向、政策動向等の調査・研究を通じて、エネルギー・環境技術分野や産業技術分野の技術戦略の策定及び技術戦略に基づくプロジェクト<技術戦略研究センター(Technology Strategy Center)>のセミナー運営を担当。